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Preparing for your engagement is critical before you start your detailed planning and implement your activities:

  • It ensures your messages are clear, consistent and in line with the organisation's objectives.
  • It helps you build connections with other teams and departments to streamline resources and achieve more through internal collaboration.

The key steps in the preparation stage are:

  1. Know why you are engaging
  2. Understand the level of influence
  3. Know your purpose for engagement
  4. Identify your initial stakeholders
  5. Understand the past engagements and decisions that led to your engagement

To get you started, use our simple Preparation Checklist (PDF 40KB). Below are some additional tools that can help you as you prepare for your engagement:

Some helpful tools to identify your engagement purpose:

Cabinet circulars relevant for SA Government:

Some tools to help identify and analyse your stakeholders:

Some information to assist with a best-practice engagement process: