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Community engagement overview

A playlist of TED talks focussed on community engagement. Below is the first in the series.

COVID related

Coronavirus and Communities

In this video, Becky Hirst presents her top 8 tips for successful and effective meetings via video conferencing.

The role of technology during COVID-19 pandemic

Joseph P. Bailey, associate research professor at the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business, discusses how technology has transformed and facilitated communications around the world during the covid-19 pandemic.

COVID-19: 3 principles for risk communication

Communications expert Yago de la Cierva emphasizes the need to keep internal stakeholders well informed. Not everyone has the same response to risk, he cautions, but there’s one response that is always the wrong one in times of upheaval: silence.

Other interesting talks

Citizen Engagement Improves Policymaking

The power of citizens and an explanation of “thick” and “thin” engagement a 5-minute presentation from Matt Leighnigher from Deliberative Democracy Consortium.

Why people participate

If you want to understand more about why people engage this 12 minute video from world leader, Tiago Pixeoto on participatory budgeting and engagement by governments will help you think through your approach.

Stakeholder analysis

A simple 3-minute video to get you started in doing stakeholder analysis.

Questions change everything in community engagement

Communities can be a wonderful source of knowledge and expertise, and Max Hardy demonstrates that giving them the opportunity to rise to the occasion through thoughtful questions can improve decisions, generate change and enhance democracy.

How kids can help design cities

Adults tend to think of kids as "future citizens" -- their ideas and opinions will matter someday, just not today. But kids make up a quarter of the population, so shouldn't they have a say in what the world they'll inherit will look like? Urban planner Mara Mintzer shares what happened when she and her team asked kids to help design a park in Boulder, Colorado.