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We run several types of training and events throughout the year:

These one-off intensive workshops on the Better Together 'Principles of Engagement' are offered to South Australian government employees to ensure that we have the skills to undertake high-quality engagement processes.

These training sessions are provided so you can learn how to apply the Better Together principles in your work and create responsive services and projects based on genuine engagement, not just consultation.

Read more information and resources in our Principles overview.

Our masterclasses provide an opportunity to dive deep into specific topics to support government agencies throughout their engagement journey. You must have completed a Better Together Principles of Engagement workshop prior to registering for one of our masterclasses.

We plan the topics based on the agencies' needs. If you would like to suggest a training topic that might benefit you and the work you are doing, email us at

Join us for an opportunity to hear from our colleagues in other agencies about their experiences with their current or previous projects.

Learn some engagement tips from our guest speakes and ask questions to find out how you can apply those in your project.

If you have any projects you would like to showcase, get in touch!

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COVID19 Update

Due to COVID19, we are always looking into new ways to deliver our training sessions. While some of our trainings still need to be face to face, there is an opportunity for certain elements to be delivered online. We will update as information comes out, and once we are ready to do so, we will announce any upcoming trainings via email and listed here.